Rayce – Heaven (Video)

Hip Hop Dependency Review

Rayce unveils his latest soulful offering with the video for the track, Heaven. Cookbook embellishes upon the soul by putting together a production that itself almost sounds preachy. We debuted the single a month or so ago but the visuals just accentuate the music. There’s a lot of artistry involved by just the scenery used and the venues chosen.

Be on the lookout for more music from Rayce as we will continue to support his endeavors.

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Single You Out: Rayce – Heaven (prod. by Cookbook)


Hip Hop Dependency Review:

Rayce is easily one of my favorite young artists making music.   Ever since we started sharing his music last year, he has displayed amazing consistency in quality without any watered down material.   Rayce is also always a very introspective individual.   He’s not afraid to dig a little bit deeper than a lot of other artists.  If you don’t get, you just don’t get it.  Check a piece of his first verse:

Heaven, is it figurative or literal? A parable to match all these stories that are biblical? Enlightenment? Heightening of senses we’re given? Somewhere along the lines of alchemy and spiritualism?

The production is being catered by Cookbook from LA Symphony fame.

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