What is your Heaven…?


Verse One
Heaven, is a mysterious place. Some spend their whole life caught up in a chase, in a hustle, in a struggle, in search of a mind state; never really taking the time to self evaluate.
Heaven, is it figurative or literal? A parable to match all these stories that are biblical? Enlightenment? Heightening of senses we’re given? Somewhere along the lines of alchemy and spiritualism?
I want: Heaven, to not only be a part of me but something I can help my sisters and brothers achieve. Fighting all these demons, must be something watching, but with superficial religions I cannot link!
Heaven, out of reach? Prove it to me plainly. Otherwise I’m waiting on the next plane to leave. Passport, backpack, plus tons of foreign land. Count me in. The Traveling Man…

We got goals and some plans to match. No excuses if it’s in our hands. We got faith even if it’s not the same. Passionate actions change the game.

Verse Two
Jotting down thoughts just to pick apart the writer’s block; couple of these conversations feels like I’m writing blogs. What inspires me? Do I see the irony? Is this really a lifestyle? Don’t you cherish privacy? Truth is I do this because it’s GOD given: Gaining Optimism Daily, hoping to make a difference, leave an imprint, goals from ambitions that otherwise never would’ve grown to fruition. Now that there is heaven on earth. Similar to the experience of being across the globe from your place of birth yet, still at home. Regardless of location, learning to atone. I want a piece of mind but don’t know which. Busy carving my own niche instead of being short lived. In an attempt toward thinking long term, I project with passion these obscure words.


Verse Three
Ambitions, goals we all strive toward. A babbling champion, campaigning, but what for? Check your hearts at the door. Lost, not yet found, the story of so many souls, regardless of the town. It’s become quite eclectic, with or without content, that sixth man on the bench. The shoulders we crawled upon, just to disrespect, the second we moved up from that ground floor. So catch me in the lobby moving forward toward providence. I keep a long list of those I’ve shared gratitudes with. Independent but never alone, I let the conscience collective decide where I roam. From home to Rome to wherever I touch next. No VIP necessary, make it easy to connect. Rocking whole sets in the crowd how I rep. Aware of my every step, knowing I’m blessed!
released 11 July 2014
Written by RAYCE
Cuts by DJ Special Cutz
Produced by Cookbook of LA Symphony
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Will Santos
Shoutout to Hardstep Records for entrusting me with this project.