Rayce – Heaven (Video)

Hip Hop Dependency Review

Rayce unveils his latest soulful offering with the video for the track, Heaven. Cookbook embellishes upon the soul by putting together a production that itself almost sounds preachy. We debuted the single a month or so ago but the visuals just accentuate the music. There’s a lot of artistry involved by just the scenery used and the venues chosen.

Be on the lookout for more music from Rayce as we will continue to support his endeavors.

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Single You Out: Rayce – Heaven (prod. by Cookbook)


Hip Hop Dependency Review:

Rayce is easily one of my favorite young artists making music.   Ever since we started sharing his music last year, he has displayed amazing consistency in quality without any watered down material.   Rayce is also always a very introspective individual.   He’s not afraid to dig a little bit deeper than a lot of other artists.  If you don’t get, you just don’t get it.  Check a piece of his first verse:

Heaven, is it figurative or literal? A parable to match all these stories that are biblical? Enlightenment? Heightening of senses we’re given? Somewhere along the lines of alchemy and spiritualism?

The production is being catered by Cookbook from LA Symphony fame.

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REVIEW: A Traveling Man EP by Rayce


RAYCE- A Traveling Man EP 3.15.2014: The 805’s own Rayce hits the scene with an international/ collaborative effort with Shpaolin Malehico Rap of Croatia. As described on his Bandcamp page “The growth as a young man and maturing emcee can be heavily noted as Rayce addresses key situations that have impacted his life and the lives of those around him; such as touring overseas in Europe, the prolonged release of the EP due to incarceration and dealing with substance abuse issues, as well as the suicide of a near and dear friend of Rayce. However, that is not to say that it is an entirely dark project as much as it is a personal journey into the life of Rayce.”

From the jump, this is a solid project. With multiple hard hitting messages packaged into a 6 track EP, Rayce definitely connected with the people, as well as himself with this one. As mentioned in past reviews, the track listing is what makes a good project in my opinion. The song order really complimented this tape so the replay value is all there. Aside from the content, the production is insane! Smooth, Jazzy, Raw. The classic Hip Hop sound with a modern day twist. Croatia natives, Kex and Veki did an amazing job on the beats. I always loved Rayce’s beat selection, but this one was mad impressive. With only one emcee appearance from Will Santos & cuts by LiHai’s brother, Chris Carey, this tape wasn’t heavy on features. That added a lot more focus time in Rayce’s favor which was a great move for this specific project. With all of that being said, i urge y’all to cop “A Traveling Man” now. If you enjoy that vintage style Boom Bap this will suite your cd collection beautifully.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Sanctuary by Rayce

Peace world! Though 8th of Dope is happy to review full length albums and mixtapes, it’s not everyday we take the time to review a single. That alone should speak for the latest installment by 805 local, Rayce, entitled “Sanctuary”. Let me start by saying, if you love the classic Boom Bap sounds that won the world over in the 90’s, you do NOT want to sleep on this joint. From the head nod worthy vibe, fresh break beat, witty wordplay, and scratches provided by DJ Impact, this track is truly a trip back to the golden age of Hip Hop to say the least.

Coming out of Ventura County, home of Hip Hop legends such as Hip Hop trio Lootpack, Kankick, Oh No & countless others, you can hear the influences running deep in Rayce’s music. “Sanctuary” is no exception. This release is pure gold and the replay value is phenomenal. With an over-saturation of commercialized and “watered down” music today, it’s refreshing to see cats keeping the culture alive & staying grounded. Dude definitely has a FAT co-sign from www.8thofdope.com. “Sanctuary” is available on all major online stores such as Itunes, Googleplay, CDBaby, AmazonMp3, MyspaceMusic & Slacker Radio.

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